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We believe in the language of spirit, art and community as resources for healing and growth Together we will create health

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For one time donation: https://secure.cardcom.co.il/e/QYx/

For a standing donation: https://secure.cardcom.co.il/e/QYs/

To Purchase of “Haverut” products: https://secure.cardcom.solutions/e/QYk/

  To donate in the US: Donations made via: PEF, Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. 630 Third Avenue, Suite 1501 New York, NY, 10017 (Please specify the donation is for Haverut) Donations via PEF are tax deductible for US donors   To donate in Israel: Leumi Bank Branch #912 Account #: 23110034 Checks may be sent to: Rechov Bustanai 14, Jerusalem, Israel, 932291 Donations in Israel are tax deductible for Israeli donors