Haverut – Hadassah – Bezalel 2019

Connect and Create- Hadassah Ein kerem- 2019

End event “connect and create”- Ziv Medical Center 2019

Connecting project – Dialysis department Hadassah Ein Kerem

“Bird of the Soul” Project – Kfar Shaul 2018

In the "Bird of the Soul" Project took part the residents of the village for mental health, Kfar Shaul, accompanied by students of Oman College.
During the course of the project, the residents assembled birds from porcelain fragments. The symbolism of assembling the birds of the soul with wings of crisis accompanied the entire project. Tal Levy, the artist has accompanied the entire project from a professional point of view, Yael Israel from Haverut guided the students and Liat Kempe coordinated the project logistically.
The entire project is the cooperation of Haverut and the Art and Culture Department in Jerusalem Municipality, Oman College, and the Jerusalem Center for Mental Health- Kfar Shaul.

Seminar “The Sand, the Sea and the Human Prayer” – January 2019

Two days retreat for therapists: doctors, nurses, spiritual cares and alternative therapists. In the retreat we talked about transitions handled by a farm by profession, we worked the transition between life and death by observing nature, creating, writing and reading inspirational sources.

Haverut’s “Refua Shlema” Conference 2018