Haverut Team

רחל אטון

Rachel Fox Ettun- Founder and CEO


Avital Gvaryahu Taf- Student Project Manager

Project Manager in Haverut. A teacher of Judaism studies and the connection of a body of soul. Married to Lior and lives in Jerusalem.


Naomi Miller- Spiritual Caregiver and Facilitator of groups and workshops

Certified spiritual Caregiver, who has experience working in the hospital - accompanying patients and their families. Holds a master's degree in the fields of care and many years of experience in training, teaching and accompanying medical and other teams.

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Nomi Roth Elbert- Spiritual Caregiver

Certified spiritual care provider, working with Haverut since 2010 in the Haemotology day clinic at Hadassah mount scopus. I have the privilege & responsibility to work with patients, family members and staff. That connection enables me to fulfill my spiritual potential thru my work and my connection with the world around me.

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Avshalom Eshel- Healing Musician

Healing Musician in the past ten years, plays sitar (Indian strings) and flutes, a craftsman and father of six (!) Draws inspiration from Hassidic thinking and imagination, Simon and Gernfunkel and the Dudaim.

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Asher Kruger- Healing Musician

Healing Musician at Hadassah Mount Scopus. A teacher of literature and music, a student studying poetry. A member of the wedding band "Kapaim". Married to Avigail, father of Ya'ara Dvash.

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Yoav Ilan- Healing Musician​

Composer and pianist, plays at Hadassah Mount Scopus in the CF children and hospice departments. Accompanied by music patients and their families, staff members, doctors, nurses, secretaries and maintenance personnel. I like to fill the hospital with sounds. I love to meet and listen to people.


Hila Achiel- Healing Musician

Healing Musician​ in the Rehabilitation Department and the Sharett Institute. lives in Ein Karem.

יעל ישראל

Yael Israel- Spiritual caregiver

Certified spiritual Caregiver, Accompany people at the end of their lives.

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Judy Weingrod- Spiritual caregiver


Gil Maor- Healing Musician​

Healing Musician​. Living and breathing music. Loves life and believes its purpose is to flourish. Trying to touch every person if his special character to touch the movement of flowering, of health.

רחל שביט

Rachel Shavit- Spiritual caregiver

Certified spiritual Caregiver, work Through "Haverut" at the "Ziv" Hospital in Day Care Departments: Dialysis and Hematonology. Accompany Patients, family members and medical staff. Teaches and trains professional teams in the Maccabi Health Fund, the Child Development and other organizations, and Accompany In private processes of growth and healing. I believe that connecting to spirit is all that allows you to love your life. Spiritual caregiven is my love.


Eden Friedman- Healing Musician​

Healing Musician​ at Ziv Hospital. Music refines and sharpens what I bring with me to the world, and I feel I have a call to express myself through it. I like to explore and devote myself to it, to use it as a tool that helps lift the spirits of those around me. I am very happily married to Mor and I have a son - Noam whom I really love.


Omer Rosenblum- Healing Musician