Haverut Creates

Art – A Space for Self-Expression

Bringing the arts into the medical center generates a space for inspiration, creativity, and strength. Enabling a patient, immersed in the debilitating realities of illness, to access this creative part of themselves, opens up a pathway to inner sources of healing and strength and serves as a resource to help cope with disease and hospitalization.

Since 2007 Haverut has been operating a program for students in the fields of health care and related professions. Carefully selected from the many who apply, these students work directly with hospitalized patients.

* Haverut’s programming began with more than a decade long collaboration with Betzalel.

חברות יוצרת

Connecting through Creativity

For two hours each week the students meet with hospitalized participants to work on an art project together, during which they engage the patient in conversation. Guided and overseen by a spiritual caregiver, over the course of the project, while creating something beautiful together, the students build a meaningful and long term bond with patients. For both student and patient, the project is empowering spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

The project usually takes place in the public space of the ward in accordance with instructions from the hospital staff. Occasionally, depending on the health of the patient, they might be carried out next to their bedside.

The students come from all sectors of Israeli society, as do the patients and their families. The participants connect through the shared work on the art project, and links are forged between people from all walks of Israeli life. The program strengthens the ties between the medical center and the community that surrounds it.

The project takes place in the following locations:

Hadassah University Hospital Ein Kerem

Oncology, Hematology, Dialysis

Hadassah University Hospital Mt. Scopus

Hospice, Rehabilitation

Rivka Ziv Zefat Hospital

Dialysis, Neurology, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Center for Mental Health for Children and Youth

Herzog Medical Center

Pulmonology and Rehabilitation

Other Projects

Niggun Haverut

The musicians of Haverut connect with patients and their families through music and song.

Spiritual Care

Haverut’s spiritual caregivers help patients, families, and care providers connect to sources of inner strength, purpose, and meaning, and the forces of renewal through the use of spiritual resources.

Wartime Programming

During this difficult period, we seek to add light into the world and continue to speak the language of the spirit

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