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The Melody of the Heart

Music is a non-verbal universal language that enables each person to journey inwards; it creates a space of quiet and relaxation. When coping with pain, difficulty, and illness, it is important to find a space in which the patient, their family members, and the treatment staff can connect and engage with each other. Music has the power to do so.

At Haverut, we have developed an understanding of the connection between music, the spirit, and healing; this has resulted in what we call healing music. Healing music has the ability to focus attention, tune the heart and the soul, and offer precision of expression and melody.

ניגון חברות

Modeh Ani performed by Haverut’s healing musicians

Music as a Resource for Healing

As part of Haverut’s “Niggun Haverut” project, professional musicians come to hospitals and other medical settings to play for patients and their families, who are going through painful and challenging periods in their lives. The musicians, who receive training from spiritual caregivers, play their music with sensitivity to and awareness of the medical environment into which they have entered.

While music has an innate ability to touch all people, we are most drawn to the music of our own communities. Haverut’s healing musicians have a broad range and can play Hasidic melodies as well as Arab tunes, international rock songs, and Israeli music.

Healing musicians are a significant resource for all those participating in the healing process: patients, family members, and medical staff. They sometimes play for individual patients and sometimes for groups.

Our Healing Musicians are active in the following locations:

Hadassah University Hospital Ein Kerem

Oncology and Hematology

Hadassah University Hospital Mt. Scopus

Hospice and Neonatology

Rivka Ziv Zefat Hospital

Geriatrics, Neonatology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology

Sheba Tel HaShomer

Psychiatric Division

Other Projects

Spiritual Care

Haverut’s spiritual caregivers help patients, families, and care providers connect to sources of inner strength, purpose, and meaning, and the forces of renewal through the use of spiritual resources.

Haverut Creates

In this scholarship program for students across the healthcare and care-related fields, students use art and conversation to create a meaningful connection with people coping with chronic illness.

Wartime Programming

During this difficult period, we seek to add light into the world and continue to speak the language of the spirit

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