Spiritual Care

Connect to sources of strength and meaning

Haverut’s spiritual caregivers offer various resources of spiritual support to patients, families, and staff members in individual and group settings.

Spiritual Resources

There are many ways to engage with our emotional and spiritual facets: breathing and relaxation techniques; composing a personal prayer; poetry and music; creative arts, discourse, connecting to nature; and joint study. Participants are encouraged to look directly at their fear of dying and the challenges of dealing with weakness, old age, and illness.

Spiritual caregivers also provide support to the medical and nursing staff in coping with the stress and attrition of their jobs. Working with both individuals and groups, we offer participants sources of inspiration and spiritual sustenance, and engage in meaningful dialogue according to the particular needs, character, and interests of the staff members.

Living with Loss- interview on Channel Kan 11

Haverut’s Spiritual Caregivers can be found in the following locations:

Hadassah University Hospital Mt. Scopus

Hospice, Oncology (day ward), Hematology (day ward)

Rivka Ziv Zefat Hospital

Dialysis, Neurology, Oncology (day ward), Hematology, Geriatrics, and Internal Medicine.

Sheba Tel HaShomer

Psychiatric Division

Shamir Medical Center (Asaf Harofeh)

Oncology and Dialysis

Those interested in spiritual care please contact us or search via the website of the The Association for Spiritual Care in Israel

Other Projects

Niggun Haverut

The musicians of Haverut connect with patients and their families through music and song.

Haverut Creates

In this scholarship program for students across the healthcare and care-related fields, students use art and conversation to create a meaningful connection with people coping with chronic illness.

Wartime Programming

During this difficult period, we seek to add light into the world and continue to speak the language of the spirit

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