Pre army program in Hanaton

During this past year, Ariella, one of Haverut’s spiritual caregivers, has given a course to the students of the Pre-Army program in Hanaton. 8 of these students have gone weekly, with Ariella, to volunteer in the Emek Medical Center in Afula.

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Research and Development of the Spiritual Care Discipline

Haverut wishes to develop and enrich her goals and field work, through research and development of the spiritual care discipline.

Few programs are implemented in that area:
• A group of spiritual caregivers, supervisors, rabbis, therapists and educators is meeting once a month to learn Prof. MichaellFishbane’s theology and to develop its practical implications for the health system.
• Study sessions of Professor Michael Fishbane’s [University of Chicago], work aimed at enhancing the theoretical basis of Haverut and grounding the model within an academic and research – oriented foundation.
• June 2013 Seminar with Prof. Fishbane and Rachel Ettun under the full auspices of the Mandel Institute for Health care professionals, spiritual care givers, Rabbis and Academics.

The Sacred Attunement School of Spiritual Care- Nachon Libby
• An Interdisciplinary group of senior therapists, doctors, nurses and educators engaged in study and development of a unique language, combining art and music in a systemic approach to spiritual care
• Workshops for medical staff and conferences in Israel and abroad

To read Rachel Ettun’s new article- “Transforming Pain into Beauty”

A Dress for Her- K’far Shaul Mental Health Center

For the last two years, before the Passover holiday five students from the department of Fashion and Design of the Bezalel Art Academy were grouped with patients from the Psycho-Geriatric department in the KfarShaul Mental Health Center, to design and sew for the patients, according to their wishes and personal tastes, a new outfit for the Passover Holiday. The project concluded with a special event – a celebration for the Passover Holiday- music, refreshments and a fashion show of the patients dressed up in their new outfits.

The success of the final celebration encouraged the medical center management to ask for the expansion of the program in the coming years.

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Music in K’far Shaul Mental Health Center

מוזיקה בכפר

Three “Healing Musicians” play once a week in the psycho-geriatric departments,   bringing joy into the patients’ life, through the use of music, connecting them to their emotions through a non-verbal language.

The weekly meetings  include listening to the musicians play, learning new songs and liturgical songs (Piyutim) and singing along with the musicians.

Music for the Soul – Niggun Haverut

Two “Healing Musicians” visit twice-weekly patients in the Oncology and Cardiology departments at Hadassah Ein Kerem, playing and singing for them, tuning into each patients needs and musical preferences.

In addition, once a month the musicians conduct a musical “Kabbalat-Shabat”, open to the patients, their family and the staff. This event creates an exiting atmosphere, and helps emphasize the beauty of the Shabbat. During these events we wish to bring joy to the delicate situation of patients who must spend this time at the hospital.

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Haverut in the North

Haverut expanded its model of connecting the health care center with the community in its vicinity with the healing powers of art and the spirit to the Eemek Medical Center in Afula and Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, connecting art and medical students with the patients by offering them an opportunity to volunteer in the medical centers.

This first year activity has been celebrated in an exhibition of pieces created in the weekly activity.

Emek Medical Center

Volunteers from the Pre-Army Mechina at Hannaton lead a social club at the Rehabilitation and Pediatric departments. The volunteers are guided and trained by the Spiritual Caregiver.

Haverut in the Galilee
Students from different colleges in Zefat meet with patients and facilitate art and music activities.
Spiritual care tools for medical staff workshops
Musical events

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Medical students- Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital

14 medical students take part in Haverut’s Art Project. They come in pairs to volunteer with patients and family members at the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology, and Children wards and at the High Risk Pregnancy ward, conducting art projects and, as doctors to be interacting with patients.

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The afternoon Ayanat club- Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital

צבעי פנדה

The conservative congregation “Ramot Zion”, located next to the hospital, has adopted the project in the last few years and recruited a committed group of volunteers. The volunteers, trained ans supervised by a certified spiritual caregiver, are operate an afternoon club twice a week for patients in the Rehabilitation ward at Hdassah Mount-Scopus. The activity is a successful collaboration between the Hadassah Social Services department, Haverut and the congregation.

Haverut- Hadassah- Bezal’el

For the past eight years, art students of the renowned Bezalel Academy of Art – regularly meet with hospital patients in different wards at Hadassah Mt Scopus; Rehabilitation, High Risk pregnancy, Pediatric, CF, Hematology Day Care and other clinics.
The students come in pairs, once a week for 4 hours and facilitate art activities with the patients and family members, enabling both the expression of emotions and the experience of fun and esthetics.

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