Research and Development of the Spiritual Care Discipline

Haverut wishes to develop and enrich her goals and field work, through research and development of the spiritual care discipline.

Few programs are implemented in that area:
• A group of spiritual caregivers, supervisors, rabbis, therapists and educators is meeting once a month to learn Prof. MichaellFishbane’s theology and to develop its practical implications for the health system.
• Study sessions of Professor Michael Fishbane’s [University of Chicago], work aimed at enhancing the theoretical basis of Haverut and grounding the model within an academic and research – oriented foundation.
• June 2013 Seminar with Prof. Fishbane and Rachel Ettun under the full auspices of the Mandel Institute for Health care professionals, spiritual care givers, Rabbis and Academics.

The Sacred Attunement School of Spiritual Care- Nachon Libby
• An Interdisciplinary group of senior therapists, doctors, nurses and educators engaged in study and development of a unique language, combining art and music in a systemic approach to spiritual care
• Workshops for medical staff and conferences in Israel and abroad

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