Haverut's Staff

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Photo by: Noam Feiner

Founder and CEO

Rachel Fox-Ettun

Founder and CEO of Haverut.
MA family therapist, an expert in accompanying families and individuals who cope with illness, crisis and loss.
Spiritual Caregiver and mentor.
Group facilitator for medical and therapeutic personnel, for awareness development and spiritual support.
In the past, she directed a program of spiritual guidance training at Mezurim, Hebrew Union College, and co-director and moderator of the “Break and Repair” program, Kolot-Masar.

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Photo by: Marcelle Deichev

'Prescriptions for Life' program

Liora Tannenbaum

Liora made Aliyah in 2006, after finished Masters Degree in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Over the years She was involved in ‘Haverut’ activities in a variety of ways and is currently working on projects development and leading groups as part of the ‘Prescriptions for Life’ program. Lives in Ra’anana with her husband Mark and her four children.


Project Manager

Avital Gvaryahu-Taf

Avital is a project Manager in Haverut and facilitator in program ‘prescriptions for life’.
A certified biliotherapist, treats adults, youth and children, and is a group facilitator as well.
Avital is married to Lior and lives in Jerusalem.

אשר קרוגר

Healing Musician

Asher Kruger

Healing Musician at Haverut. A teacher of literature and music. A member of the wedding band “Kapaim”. Married to Avigail, father of Ya’ara Dvash and Meori Lev.


Healing Musician

Hila Achiel

Healing Musician in the Sharett Institute In Hadassah Ein Kerem.

צילום: ילי רייכרט
Photo by: Yali Reichert

Healing Musician

Liat Raz Kedar

Healing musician at Hadassah Ein Kerem, and at Hadassah Mount Scopus. a social worker in the field of mental health, leads in singing and playing singing circles and various events. Lives in Ein Kerem, married to Tom and mother to Refael, Avigail and Yagel. And very happy in my work.


Spiritual caregiver

Bat Chen Darvasi

Bat Chen is a spiritual caregiver in the oncology day program at Hadassah Mount Scopus as well as in the geriatric rehabilitation program at “Reut” medical center.
She is Touch therapist in different techniques. Studying Buddhism and practicing meditation.

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Spiritual caregiver

Zipora (Chiky) Birnbaum

Chiki is a spiritual caregiver in the psychiatric unit at Sheba on behalf of Haverut. She also accompanies families who have experienced loss and bereavement in ‘Elah’ center.
Previously she was an Social Worker working with at risk youth.
Chiki is married to Reuven, and the mother of 4 married daughters and a happy grandmother.

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Spiritual caregiver

Judy Weingrod

Spiritual Caregiver in ‘Haverut’ at the hospice in Hadassah Mt. Scopus. Previously worked as a spiritual Caregiver as well in the hospice at the French hospital.
Graduated from the Department of Ceramic Design at Bezalel and has been involved in the arts all her life. Practicing meditation for 25 years.
Married to Aaron and mother of three sons.


Spiritual caregiver

Yael Granot

Yael is a spiritual caregiver in the oncology department and coordinator of Haverut activities at the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh).
She is a bibliotherapist and therapist of expression through typing, as well as a group facilitator with use of photography.

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Spiritual caregiver

Lilach Naaman

Lilach is a spiritual caregiver in the ‘Haverut Creates’ students project in Jerusalem.
She leads the ‘Israeli Hope in the Academy’ program as well as training courses for teachers and administrators in the education system.  She also teaches cognitive thinking with the Yamima method.


Spiritual caregiver

Rajaa Deeb

Rajaa is a nurse and spiritual caregiver working on behalf of Haverut in the dialysis department at Ziv Hospital in Safed.
Rajaa lives in Peke’in, and is the mother of two wonderful daughters.

ברכה תור

Spiritual caregiver

Bracha (Bea) Tor

Spiritual Caregiver at Ziv Hospital in Safed, in the oncology, geriatrics and neurology departments. facilitator in program ‘prescriptions for life’. she is education women, mother and grandmother, lives in Mitzpe Netofa in the north of Israel.


Healing Musician

Omer Rosenblum

Healing musician at Ziv Medical Center in Safed. Believes in the ability of music to uplift the soul and inspire in man the spirit of life.


Spiritual Caregiver & Healing Musician

Tziona Achishena Cohen

Certified spiritual care provider, and Healing Musician. Integrates the two worlds in her work at Ziv Medical Center in Safed. The first to bring to Israel the personal music program (“Music and Memory”) in nursing homes in the country. In collaboration with Haverut, she developed a similar program in the dialysis department.

נוגה שחר

Student Project Coordinator

Noga Shahar

Noga is the coordinator of the ‘Haverut Creates’ students Program in Jerusalem – at the Hadassah Mount Scopus, Hadassah Ein Kerem and Herzog medical centers.
Noga graduated from occupational therapy studies at the Hebrew University.

אביחי קטן

Healing Musician

Avichai Katan

Avichai is a Healing musician in the psychiatric system in Sheba Healing. He is a therapist and creative singer.
Avichai lives in Moshav Ahiezer, is married to Barache, and the father of five children and grandfather to a sweet grandson.


Art therapist

Melina Bromiguer

Melina is a art therapist in the psychiatric system at Sheba Hospital – Tel Hashomer on behalf of Haverut. She guides creative art groups where the emphasis is on the person and dealing with crises. A graduate of “Bezalel” and the “Haverut-Hadassah-Bezalel” program. Melina has been a therapist for over ten years and an instructor in the field. She practices yoga and is starting her third year of studies in the field of bioenergetic analysis.


Project Manager

Gaya senior

Gaia is the National Director of the ‘Haverut Creates’ students project. She is an occupational therapist as well as a tour guide.


Operations Manager

Liat kempe

Head of Office, Finance and Logistics in Haverut. Married to Avichay and and mother to Jonny.

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