Education for Medical Personnel

Enhancing the language of the spirit among healthcare professionals

Working with the next generation of healthcare professionals on empathy, compassion, connection, coping with loss, and more.

Workshops and Lectures

Workshops and lectures in medical education conferences and seminars for students and professionals interested in deepening their familiarity with the language of the spirit, the discourse on meaning, and the use of spiritual resources in patient care

Over the years Haverut has been invited to participate in palliative care and “Medicine and the Individual” courses in Hebrew University, as well as similar courses at Shamir Hospital, the Dina Belinson Nursing School, national conferences on palliative care, and conferences for family doctors, etc.

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Other training courses

Rikma Program

Rikma Program for spiritual caregivers, in collaboration with the Shamir Hospital (Asaf Harofeh) Nursing Academy.

Annual Conference

Haverut’s annual conference brings together spiritual caregivers and professionals from across the healthcare and welfare fields for a powerful and inspiring gathering. Participants connect with each other and with themselves, in a shared experience of healing, reflection, and expansion of consciousness.

Workshops and Seminars

Development and facilitation of workshops and seminars for health care and welfare staff. We create a safe space in which to process, grow, learn, and become enriched through the use of a variety of spiritual resources.

Wartime Programming

During this difficult period, we seek to add light into the world and continue to speak the language of the spirit

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