Workshops and Seminars

Support for nursing and medical staff

Nursing and medical staff working with people coping with chronic, life-threatening illnesses, are exposed to extreme levels of distress. The suffering they encounter on a daily basis impacts their own emotional wellbeing, and, if left unaddressed, can lead to what is known as “compassion fatigue.”

If unaddressed, the negative impact of this emotional stress leads to numbness, apathy, and depression. In recent years, as awareness has grown, there have been increasing efforts to find solutions to the problem.

A space for cultivation and learning

Haverut identified the need of healthcare staff for support and a safe space for self-reflection, and the sharing and expressing emotions. We also realized the profound benefit to this cohort of opportunities for learning and development. We therefore developed and offer seminars and workshops geared specifically to nursing and medical staff, therapists, and welfare workers. Our unique model includes in-depth work on meaning and compassion, empathy, self- awareness, connecting to the sublime, and bearing witness to the human life story.

As part of the experience participants engage in exercises involving art, music, writing, movement, breathing, joint reading, and learning. They learn to use empowering language and employ the tools of the spiritual world to better understand their own life. Being a part of a group becomes a significant element of the process.

Workshops for professional staff from the healthcare system

Haverut has extensive experience working with professional medical staff dealing with extreme stress situations and overload. We have developed seminars and retreats geared to those in the fields of medicine, caregiving, and treatment as well as workshops designed for specific teams.
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Over the years we have worked with the staff of Sheba Tel HaShomer, Hadassah University Hospital Ein Kerem, Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital, Alyn Hospital, and more.

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Other training courses

Rikma Program

Rikma Program for spiritual caregivers, in collaboration with the Shamir Hospital (Asaf Harofeh) Nursing Academy.

Medical Education

Medical Education and Workshops
Seminars and lectures in various medical education frameworks, on developing compassion for and connection to patients, coping with loss, and so on.

Annual Conference

Haverut’s annual conference brings together spiritual caregivers and professionals from across the healthcare and welfare fields for a powerful and inspiring gathering. Participants connect with each other and with themselves, in a shared experience of healing, reflection, and expansion of consciousness.

Wartime Programming

During this difficult period, we seek to add light into the world and continue to speak the language of the spirit

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