Board of Directors

Chairman – Dr. Yishay Lev M.D.– Family Physician and Manager, Smoking cessation specialist Department of Procedures & Standards (Chair) at Israeli Ministry of Health

Dr. Maurit Beeri M.D. – CEO of ALYN Hospital

Dr. Allon Leibovitz M.D– Family Physician

Talya Levanon, MSW – CEO Israel Trauma Coalition

Yisca Oppenheim – Personal Coach, Strategic Consultant

Liora Tannenbaum – Art Therapist

Gury Zilka –Ph.D Economics and Organizational Consultant

Dr. David Shoseyov M.D.– Pediatric Physician and Counselor in Pediatric Pulmonology in Hadassah Mt. Scopus, Head of the consultant medical committee in the Israeli Cystic Fibrosis Organization