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Haverut in the North

Haverut expanded its model of connecting the health care center with the community in its vicinity with the healing powers of art and the spirit to the Eemek Medical Center in Afula and Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, connecting art and medical students with the patients by offering them an opportunity to volunteer in the medical centers.

This first year activity has been celebrated in an exhibition of pieces created in the weekly activity.

Emek Medical Center

Volunteers from the Pre-Army Mechina at Hannaton lead a social club at the Rehabilitation and Pediatric departments. The volunteers are guided and trained by the Spiritual Caregiver.

Haverut in the Galilee
Students from different colleges in Zefat meet with patients and facilitate art and music activities.
Spiritual care tools for medical staff workshops
Musical events

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עת מלחמה

בשעה קשה זו אנו שואפים להוסיף אור, וממשיכים לדבר את שפת הרוח 

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