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The month of Elul

From the diary of Avshalom Eshel, Healing Musician

The month of Elul represents a love song for me
It is not yet the end and still not a beginning
It is a meeting point between worlds
All of what was and what will be is combined in the present moment.
We breathe in with excitement what awaits at the end of the corridor
With the romance of an airport terminal, separations and endings.

This time of in-between is an invitation to understand
What stays with us, what goes on and what is the purpose.
It is only the disease that is terminal…
The patient, the person in endless.
So I look inwards
I look at all that is final, eternal and expendable in my actions and thoughts.

Elul calls for renewal
To devote ourselves to cleansing our souls
There is no joy like unraveling complications, vows and routine.
A farewell party for anything within me that does not belong.
The main thing is to is to look beyond the end and find the beginning and to find the relief of someone who has taken a heavy load off his shoulders to stretch and go out on a new


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