The Einat Club

Improving Quality of Life

Established in 2009 by the Ramot Tzion community of French Hill in Jerusalem in memory of Einat Levy z”l*, the program is a collaboration between Haverut, the Nechama chapter of Hadassah Women, and the Hadassah University Hospital Mt. Scopus

The Einat Club works to improve the atmosphere and quality of life of patients and their families in the rehabilitation ward of Mt. Scopus hospital. Hospitalizations in this ward are often for extended periods of time, usually several weeks or even months; and these stays tend to be characterized by prolonged periods of “downtime,” with little to do between treatments.

Connecting to Life

Einat volunteers run an activity club one afternoon a week, which provides games, new books and magazines to read, along with puzzles and other activities, as well as celebrating the various events of the Jewish calendar. The club offers patients and their families a space to relax, enjoy various activities, and engage with each other on issues unrelated to health and wellness.

Through the training provided by Haverut, volunteers learn how to listen with patience and compassion, and how to engage with the healthy core of the patient through games, laughter, and creativity. Volunteers participate in training workshops throughout the year, to learn new tools and techniques, support each other, and build a sense of comradery.

The Ramot Tzion community, which initiated the project, provides not only the volunteers who staff it, but also donates the necessary equipment and materials; the children of the community also prepare decorations for the holidays and so on.

For more information, please contact:

Jody Grey – 052-381-7163  
Jody Levy –    054-579-9891

* Einat Levy grew up in French Hill and was part of the Ramot Tzion family. She studied physiotherapy in Ben Gurion University, and as part of her studies worked in the cardiology department of Hadassah Ein Kerem, and the orthopedics and rehabilitation departments of Hadassah Mt. Scopus. She was killed in a traffic accident while traveling to the university from her home in Jerusalem. The program is dedicated to her memory.

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