"When the strength of my body weakens,
the strength of my heart can be renewed"

 Ruth Ettun z”l

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Haverut strives for individual wellness and a healthy society through the language of spirituality, creativity, and human connection.

Imagine a world that offers complete wellness by connecting medical care with the arts, compassion, and spirit.

Haverut’s approach connects the individual to all elements of their body, soul, and spirit; holistically engaging the entire person in the process of healing through music, art, writing, and discourse on meaning.

Thousands of people in medical centers across the country connect to their inner strength as a resource for healing and growth

Spiritual Care

Haverut’s spiritual caregivers help patients, families, and care providers connect to sources of inner strength, purpose, and meaning, and the forces of renewal through the use of spiritual resources.

Niggun Haverut

The musicians of Haverut connect with patients and their families through music and song.

Haverut Creates

In this scholarship program for students across the healthcare and care-related fields, students use art and conversation to create a meaningful connection with people coping with chronic illness.

A healthy society knows how to speak the language of vulnerability and pain as well as health and inner strength

A unique program that provides participants with a variety of tools to help cope with the challenges of difficult transitions, illness, ageing, and loss.

Through this series of eight meetings participants learn to connect to and access their healthy core and be proactive in their goals for emotional health

We believe in connecting to the spirit as a source of strength and knowledge. It is the foundation for wellness and a healthy society

The Rikma Program

A training program for spiritual caregivers, in collaboration with the Shamir Academic School of Nursing.

Workshops and Seminars

Development and facilitation of workshops and seminars for medical staff and therapists working in the fields of medicine, nursing, and welfare.

Education for Medical Personnel

Designed for healthcare professionals and offered at medical education conferences

Annual Conference

Haverut’s annual conference for professionals in the field of medicine, therapy, welfare, and spiritual care.

Our Partners: Past and Present


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Wartime Programming

During this difficult period, we seek to add light into the world and continue to speak the language of the spirit

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